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David & Yvonne 

Senior Pastors

David & Yvonne Remedios have been the Senior Pastors of Trinity Christian Center since May 2002. Pastor David, is a bi-vocational pastor, general surgeon, and a decorated veteran. He is the CEO of the Louisiana Outpouring and Christ Compassion Ministries. Pastora Yvonne truly loves people and has a tremendous passion for souls. They are the proud parents of Jennifer, David, Jessica, Amaris, and Ross and proud grandparents of Katalina Grace, Sia Ilana, Hazel Mae, and, Stella! Their greatest desire is to see the presence of God poured out on this generation, impacting our community, region, and the nations of the world. 


Amaris Ivie

Children's Pastor

Amaris Ivie is the Children’s Pastor at Trinity Christian Center. She is married to Calvin Ivie and they are proud parents of Hazel Mae. She is a graduate of Louisiana College and is currently teaching Elementary Spanish. Her vision for TCC Kids is to grow children in their understanding of the Gospel and the Word of God, help develop their personal relationship with Jesus Christ and to see them reproduce the gospel and transformation in others. She is impacting this next generation to be obedient to the Gospel, have courage to stand for the truth, and to be led by the Holy Spirit.

Clay & Erin Vance

Youth Pastors

Clay & Erin Vance are the Bethel Student Ministries Youth Pastors at Trinity Christian Center. They are the proud parents of Jeremiah, Lily, Faith, and Anna. Clay & Erin have served in youth ministry for the past 13 years. Together they have a passion to see revival in the youth of America and the nations of the Earth, to bring glory to the Lord Jesus Christ. The vision for Bethel Student Ministries is to grow the youth in prayer and worship, help develop their study of the Word of God, and reproduce the move of the Holy Spirit through them into their homes and schools. They have a burden to see this generation invade the harvest fields to stand, serve, minister, and burn for the Lord so that He may receive the reward for His suffering!

Jonathan Cobb

Young Adult Leader 

Tinashe & Yvonne Chimwaza

Jonathan Cobb is the Young Adult Leader at Trinity Christian Center. His desire is to see young adults behold the face of Jesus and reflect his glory. The vision of theHill is to instill in this generation the love of the Father, to develop a passion for his presence, and to equip them to walk in his works.

Worship Pastors

Tinashe & Yvonne Chimwaza, are the Young Adult Pastors of The Hill and Worship Leaders at Trinity Christian Center. Tinashe is a practicing attorney in the local community and Yvonne is a secondary math teacher. They are the proud parents of Evan, Liam, Nandi, and Owen. Tinashe and Yvonne, while in college, developed their passion for impacting the lives of young adults while serving as leaders for a college ministry. Together they are raising up the next generation of leaders to grow into maturity, develop intimacy with the Lord, and reproduce the purity of the Lord in their colleges and workplaces. They are passionately teaching young adults how to allow God to operate miraculously through them daily until the Day the angel declares the Kingdom of this world has become the Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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